Pomax: driven by passion, successful by innovation


Western Europe, 1993, the rubble of the Berlin Wall is swept up and the world has become a significantly smaller place. People, cultures and resources come together in a market that is full of perspective for anyone with courage, entrepreneurial spirit and a creative drive. It is in this fascinating age that Xavier De Vil, Antwerpian, engineer and son of doctor De Vil, seizes the opportunity to realize his jittery business plans. After having gained experience working for large multinationals, such as Coca Cola, the time has come for this young Flemish entrepreneur to take the next bold step. A step that will have major consequences for both the Belgian and international interior market...


Xavier De Vil descends from a large family in which there was a lot of attention for art and history. This provided him with a flawless feeling for beautiful designs and creations. Thorough research on the new markets in the former Eastern bloc, strengthened his innate business sense. Thought out decisiveness brought him to his first achievement as an independent entrepreneur: Pomax saw the light of day. It became a light that would soon shine across countless national borders. After all, the international potential he observed, was his major motivation.








The seed of Pomax


It all started as an innovative business in mouth-blown glassware from Poland. Starting from this exclusive and delicate handwork, plans were soon created for the development of a large, total concept.

Interior design was a rather elitist affair at the time. Xavier De Vil wanted to make it accessible to a wider audience. Developing a solid company was one motivation, contributing to the creation of stylish and accessible homeliness remains the true mission of this company.


No mission can be accomplished successfully without passion: the anecdotes from the early days about neck breaking transports in extremely uncomfortable circumstances are numerous and significant. Without the relentless dedication and perseverance of the manager, this story would have been a rather short one...

Pomax takes a blitz start!

The international potential of this concept immediately proved itself in an export percentage of up to 80 percent. Focused on sustainability, the brand developed into an established player on the international interior market.


Organically, the Pomax DNA gained its familiar ingredients: Beauty, Charm, Quality and Nature. Pomax stands for high quality products that radiate a warm, cozy atmosphere. This is achieved by using natural materials. Ecologically responsible entrepreneurship is decisive throughout the entire policy. The four core values are perfectly united in a highly recognizable logo: the feather of Pomax. A feather stands for softness, for flexible floating on trends, for nest warmth and maximum dynamics. These are all characteristics that customers recognize in every aspect of the Pomax identity.


Flexible, but steady


Xavier De Vil is a forward-looking man. The success of Pomax lies in his philosophy that always keeps an eye on both the future and the global context. Markets follow social trends. Proactivity is key to the reliable solidity of Pomax as an international player. This permanent quest for innovation enables Pomax to reinvent itself, without compromising its recognizable solidity.


Pomax permanently shows a vast resilience and renewal urge. This becomes most observable in the smooth way in which the company is coping with global crises. The recent financial crisis or the aftermath of 9/11 had a devastating effect on the entire interior market. With flexibility and innovation, Pomax sailed a course that kept the brand intact and in calm seas.


This makes the brand an extremely reliable partner for both customers and retailers. Pomax is a signboard, a flagship even, for those who work with us. Witness to this are the successful shop in shops, such as the ones at Van Gastel, or the fruitful collaboration with, among others, Galleries Lafayette in France.







Pomax always on the customer's side


In 2018, society has become more individualistic. Customers are assertive and no longer willing to simply follow the salesman's advice. Pomax has been anticipating to this for years. We are not just offering products, but an empathetic response that truly meets people's needs. Composing an interior can become an overwhelming task, due to the immense offer and innumerable choices to be made. Pomax relieves the customer by making sure this process becomes a stimulating, pleasant and prosperous one. We consistently choose the best out of the universal interior trends.

At Pomax, people find an interior that personifies their identity. The range is broad, but always faithful to the typical Pomax DNA...